“My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there”
Charles Franklin Kettering, Inventor

After a period of great uncertainty, the business world is trying to reboot. We present six reasons to trust in Atex and why we have to remain hopeful for the Future.

1 Atex never stops

We are a smart company, used to working smart. Despite the Coronavirus tsunami, Atex has not faltered. We have adapted to this crisis, swiftly providing our customers with tools suited to the new conditions of the media world. We know the media business inside out, and our folks speak the same language as publishers so we have been able to help them navigate the Covid-19 emergency, providing essential services in a rapidly changing world.

2  That’s the press, baby, the press

In these challenging times, the role of the media has never been so crucial. People need reliable information, and Atex is helping publishers deliver news quickly and effectively.

During the Coronavirus crisis, all our ongoing projects have gone ahead as scheduled, implementing solutions to remotely conduct activities that are usually carried out onsite.

Our teams around the world are continuing to work smart, providing assistance to our customers who need to implement smart-working processes for their employees.

Our support network is fully operational, and guarantees assistance in managing your systems either in the cloud or in-house.

If your teams need additional support during this period, we can also provide ad hoc print production and layout design services.

3 Top publishers, not just customers

Atex enables the production of some of the biggest publishing groups in the world. Newspapers, websites, magazines and broadcasters use our platforms every day. Many of them are pioneers in innovation, just like us. As such, we are able to work well together, answering difficult questions in a rapidly evolving climate. With a presence on every continent, we are able to anticipate the latest global information trends in order to share roadmaps and innovations.

The greatest challenge of a contemporary publisher is to do more with the same resources, combining innovation and efficiency. Atex, a company with solid roots in the past and a future-forward perspective, already has all the tools necessary for this endevour.

4 The Big Family

Atex is a member of Constellation Software, a leading global software and services provider. Our Group numbers are noteworthy. With US$3 billion in turnover and US$29 billion in capitalization on the Toronto stock exchange, Constellation is a “lifetime investor”. This guarantees Atex the economic and financial means to overcome complicated situations such as the one we are experiencing today.

We are a solid company, as confirmed by the more than positive results recorded during the lockdown period in the first quarter of 2020. Thanks to this solidity, we are confident as we face the coming months.

5 The Publishing market is more resilient than others affected by these times

The Publishing sector is trying to reboot, alongside other sectors affected by the Covid-19 tsunami. Unlike others, the media sector is already showing positive signs of growth.

Atex can play a leading role in this push forward, as it has believed in the future of the media even before Covid-19. It will continue to believe it after Covid-19 passes. Although publishers have seen traditional working methods upended during this period, our task is to collaborate to imagine what the media of tomorrow will be like.

We have effectively supported our customers, providing tools to meet new media provider requirements. We think of digital first and smart journalism: for Atex, the reader-revenue revolution is already a reality.

6 The future is now

Atex continues to invest in its people and products despite challenging times. We believe that journalism will inherently change and this will require new production tools. Ours are here and now. Anticipating future needs, we have accelerated recruitment, introducing new executives and bolstering the Atex developement team.

Today, people feel the need to have reliable quality information quickly at their fingertips, furnished by safe and guaranteed tools. That is why we never “stopped the machines”, instead rising to meet the new requirements of both of publishers and readers. Having launched various marketing and communication initiatives, as well as long-term acquisition plans, we can be confident in the future.

Federico Marturano
Federico MarturanoAtex CEO
#Together we are working smarter than yesterday.