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Atex Digital Media 2.2

Digital and Print seamless integration for the Newsroom with ADM 2.2 Digital first? Print first? Who cares? A media organisation should not have to discuss channels anymore. Publishers have to focus on readers' needs and deliver information in the richest way, on every channel. Atex Digital Media 2.2 and Live Pages give customers complete channel independence. Delivering to digital or to print doesn't require channel specific tools and workflow. One size does fit them all!

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Atex Digital Media 2.0

Atex Digital Media is quickly becoming the production backbone of major news companies around the world. With growing adoption comes more feedback from users. What are they looking for? We hear that end users want to quickly create feature-rich stories with easy to use tools and publish content on digital and social channels. Newsrooms want fast implementation, because their business needs to deploy new digital initiatives as fast as possible to keep pace with market demands.

Watch the launch webinars to find out what's new and what's changed with this release.

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The Connected Newsroom

Modern journalism requires flexibility and speed of execution along with the management of geographically dispersed teams with lots of different skills. With this in mind we are enhancing Atex Digital Media with features for task assignments and tracking, real time messaging and alerting on multiple devices (using the increasingly popular Slack communication tool), seamlessly integrated into the content production workflow.

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Atex Digital Media: Newsroom Management

Planning the production of news for multiple channels is a demanding job that requires proper collaboration and synchronisation within the modern newsroom - from the reporter to the channel expert.

We are enhancing Atex Digital Media with newsroom management features that will give the possibility to plan news production, assign tasks and follow their progress. Messaging (including email and Slack) is also in the works.
Our goal is to add features without increasing the complexity of day to day tasks.

The newsroom management features are a natural extension of the workflow and seamlessly integrated into dm.desk where a web based user interface provides access to all the editorial features of Atex Digital Media.

A preview of the new developments will be presented in this live webinar

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dm.desk 1.8

Digital Media Desk is a new approach to Digital Asset Management, that combines typical asset management features like picture desk, dossier creation and videos management with the flexibility, scalability and customisation options of the company proven web experience management platform, Polopoly.
With this new release Digital Media Desk expands its reach, closing the gap between asset management and content management, making it a single platform that can manage incoming materials, production of content for multiple platform and delivery on digital and print channels, using Atex products or integrating with 3rd parties.

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New StarterKit features

Make online projects fly! Facebook Instant articles, Live Blogs, Inline editing, Social Manager and Integrated Analytics are some of the features available with the new StarterKit.

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dm.desk 1.6

Digital Media Desk is the innovative solution from Atex that unifies asset and content management, with an easy to use mobile-friendly user interface.

Version 1.6 was released to the market in September 2016, in this 30 minute video we showcase all the new features:

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ACT 4.2 and automated print production

Authoring and publishing content on multiple channels, with real time digital and print previews. The next level of efficiency for producing print editions: pages are automatically created and populated with content.

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Meet ACT, the new web client for H-Series

Meet the new web client for H-Series, that lets editors create and publish content to digital and print channels.

Learn how to manage content production using an intuitive, responsive and browser based UI.

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German Webinar: Präsentation des neuen „Atex Digital Asset Management Moduls - dm.desk“

Eine gute Digital-Asset-Management-Lösung (DAM) ist - laut WAN-IFRA-Studie - ausschlaggebend für den langfristigen Erfolg im Verlagswesen. Wenn es also darum geht, ein Redaktionssystem auszuwählen, ist einer der wichtigste Aspekte die Verwaltung der verschiedenen Assets.

Und genau hier setzt unsere Digital Media Platform an. Atex bietet mit Digital Media (dm. einen modularen Baukasten an, der auf einer robusten und skalierbaren NoSQL Datenbank aufgebaut ist und Ihre Assets in den Mittelpunkt der redaktionellen Workflows stellt. Einer der großen Vorteile des modularen Aufbaus unserer Lösung ist, dass das Asset-Management-Modul dm.desk, Millionen von Assets effizient verwalten und auf digitale oder auch traditionelle Print-Kanäle verteilen kann.

In einem halbstündigen, deutschsprachigen Webinar möchten wir Ihnen dm.desk im Detail präsentieren. Wir möchten Ihnen zeigen, wie unsere Lösung Ihre redaktionellen Workflows vereinfachen kann und wie unser Digital-Asset-Management-Modul mit der Gesamtlösung dm.interagiert.

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Digital Publishing with dm.polopoly

Major publishers around the globe manage their digital presence with Atex Digital Media Polopoly

Review the main product features and the latest product updates:

and much more

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Johnston Press "Newsroom of the Future" project

Learn how Johnston Press, the UK’s largest regional publisher, deploys browser-based Atex Contributor Tool (ACT) to enable content gathering on any device and further enable the ‘digital first’ strategy.

JP staff and freelancers submit content for live publishing directly to their range of web sites using ACT.

Content can be enriched with social links, automatically tagged using integrated text mining and users are prompted to include mandatory information such as Geo Location to ensure delivery of rich stories.

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Social Asset Management

Can social sources be treated as regular digital assets? In this webinar we will have a look at the Twitter and Instagram integration with Atex Digital Media Desk. Social networks linked as feeds to the digital assets repository.

Posts can be enriched with metadata, stored temporarily or for a definable amount of time, managed through a workflow, added to articles and published online.

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Cross Channel Content Management

Manage content production for digital and print channels using an intuitive, responsive and browser based UI, Atex Contributor Tool (ACT):

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Atex Digital Media Desk

In this 30 minutes Webinar we’ll present the power of Digital Asset Management, Digital Publishing and Live Contribution in a single platform. Follow us on our journey and see how quick and easy it is to:

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