Multichannel Content Management Platform

Desk is a web based solution to manage the production of digital and print publications for newspapers and magazines. Leading publishers such as JPI Media in the UK, La Stampa in Italy and Newsday in the US have implemented their digital-first publishing strategies using the Desk platform.

Desk enables the whole content production lifecycle via customisable workflows, picture desk functionality, video management and a dynamic metadata management framework with automatic content tagging features.

No clutter, no complication. A single UI and a unified workflow for:

  • Content creation

  • Web publishing with home page management

  • Print publishing with streamlined page design

  • Asset management

  • Wires

  • Contributors

  • Digital and print archive


Multi-Channel Content Authoring

A flexible environment to author and prepare content for online and offline publishing. Break the channels barrier using the same tool and workflow to compose articles for both web and print. Full digital enrichment with galleries, multimedia, embeds, links, maps and more – no compromises.

Accurate, realtime digital and print preview included.


Home Page Management

Super easy and super fast. Manage even the most content-rich homepages, with concurrent multi-user access and alternative guided layouts for home page zones and teasers.

Visual deferred publishing, see how your homepage will look in the afternoon or the next morning, mixing current content with planned one. Automatically resurface content that is leaving manual zones into automatic areas.

Automatic checks of duplicated articles and empty slots. WYSIWYG editing of teasers with drag&drop creation of automatically formatted links. Full undo&redo of changes.

Desk is a fully decoupled CMS: comes with ACE Web, its integrated, cloud-based, high-performance frontend engine or can be used as a headless CMS and integrated with any third-party frontend solution.

Automated Print Production

Print and Digital workflows work side-by-side to ensure print revenues and digital subscriptions. This is the Desk philosophy: completely automating the print production workflow allowing resources to tackle the ever-changing requirements of digital publishing.

Desk handles all print products, from monthly magazines to multi-editions and multi-zone prominent daily newspapers. Full edition planning and production monitoring, advertising planning and integration with ad-booking platforms. It comes with the highly efficient Atex pagination engine or with Adobe InDesign.

Editors can fully manage print content in a browser, view and monitor the edition plan, select page templates, adapt page design with the ‘Alternative Layouts’ guided technology, write and release articles to fit with real-time updates of the page preview.

Print Production
Desk La Stampa

Asset Management and Archive

Desk provides unified management for all kinds of content. With one search, you can browse through millions of assets: articles, pages, videos, embeds, galleries. Imagine being able to instantly access and reuse everything that has been created, published and acquired by your organisation, with integrated digital rights management to help users manage assets in the most cost-conscious way.

Want also to have daily reporting of all content usage and associated costs and royalties? Just connect ‘Atex Insights’ to implement cost reporting and production statistics.

Comes with Unsplash!

How can you find the right, powerful image to strengthen the message you are giving? We have teamed up with Unsplash to make their beautiful image library accessible right within the Desk editor. No need to open other windows, search the visual you are looking for, download and upload. Just fire up your search terms, browse through results and embed immediately in the story you are writing.

All photos published on Unsplash can be used for free. You can use them for commercial and non-commercial purposes. You do not need to ask permission from or provide credit to the photographer or Unsplash, although it is appreciated when possible. Our integration makes the credits available to you in the image metadata, it’s up to you to use them.

Desk La Stampa
Desk La Stampa


  • Scalable & high performance

  • Open APIs and SDK available

  • Smart Search technology

  • Statistics and Analytics

  • Available on any device

  • Social-ready content

  • Connectors for wire feeds

  • Single editor for all content

  • Mobile & Digital presentation

  • Home Page Management

  • Paywall ready

  • Plugin technology

  • Development friendly

  • Rich content packages

  • Full support for embeds/inline content

  • Newspapers & Magazines

  • Edition planning

  • Efficient pagination tools

  • Templated workflows

  • Browser-based write-to-fit

  • Browser-based pagination of content

  • Fully integrated with ad planning tools

Case Study:

La Stampa: digital first in the lockdown era

La Stampa and JPI Media approach the ‘digital-first’ challenge from different perspectives, using the Atex editorial solution.

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