Multichannel Content Management Platform

Desk is a web based solution to manage the production of digital and print publications for newspapers and magazines. Leading publishers such as National World in the UK, La Stampa in Italy and Newsday in the US have implemented their digital-first publishing strategies using the Desk platform.

Desk enables the whole content production lifecycle via customisable workflows, picture desk functionality, video management and a dynamic metadata management framework with automatic content tagging features.

No clutter, no complication. A single UI and a unified workflow for:

  • Content creation

  • Web publishing with home page management

  • Print publishing with streamlined page design

  • Asset management

  • Wires

  • Contributors

  • Digital and print archive


Multi-Channel Content Authoring

A flexible environment to author and prepare content for online and offline publishing.

  • Break the channels barrier using the same tool and workflow to compose articles for both web and print.
  • Full digital enrichment with galleries, multimedia, embeds, links, maps and more – no compromises.
  • Accurate, real-time digital and print previews included.
  • Customisable and channel specific workflows
  • Dynamic searches of newswires, customisable and shareable among users

Home Page Management

Super easy and super fast. Manage even the most content-rich homepages, with concurrent multi-user access and alternative guided layouts for Home Page zones and teasers.

  • Visual deferred publishing: see how your Home Page will look in at a specific date/time in the future.
  • Automatic checks of duplicated articles and empty slots.
  • WYSIWYG editing of teasers with drag & drop creation of automatically formatted links.
  • Combine manual curation with automatic placements based on dynamic queries.

Picture Collages with Matik

Available directly from Desk and Front Page Manager, Matik combines two or more pictures into one. Some of the most popular effects include:

  • Two images side by side
  • Mosaic with multiple photos
  • Picture inside picture
  • Colour effects and grayscale
  • Superimpose text on a picture

SEO Optimisation with Romeo

Assess your content against the most up-to-date SEO metrics, ensuring the best search engine positioning and taking advantage of multiple writing aids.

  • SEO score available while writing an article
  • Keyword suggestion tools
  • External resources to help generate links to people’s names, businesses and locations
  • Search your keywords on Google Trends, Wikipedia, Linkedin and Facebook
  • Adjust the SEO score to match your own SEO strategy, assigning custom weights to each rule and metric used to calculate it

Desk Connect

Connect Desk with Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. Drag your digital content onto a print page, automatically style and create print variants. Print publishing made easy!

  • Create digital content in Desk and drop it onto InDesign print page​s
  • Edit images in Photoshop and sync them with Desk
  • Bi-directional locking to preserve content integrity
  • Capture all content changes and Revision History
  • Automatically create print variants when an article is placed on a page
  • Add new elements to an article whilst working in InDesign​
  • Works on PC and Mac​
Print Production

Automated Print Production

Desk handles all print products, from monthly magazines to multi-editions and multi-zone prominent daily newspapers.

  • Automatic article and picture pagination
  • Automatic advertising placement based on integration with Ad Planning platforms
  • Automatic artwork placement
  • Automated content fitting based on client specific rules
  • Supports Adobe InDesign and the Atex proprietary pagination engine

Asset Management and Archive

Desk provides unified management for all media assets, including articles, images, print pages, videos, embeds, galleries and more.

Instantly access and reuse everything created, published and acquired by your organisation.

Want also to have daily reporting of all content usage and associated costs and royalties? Just connect ‘Atex Insights’ to implement cost reporting and production statistics.

Desk La Stampa


  • Scalable & high performance

  • Open APIs and SDK available

  • Smart Search technology

  • Statistics and Analytics

  • Available on any device

  • Social-ready content

  • Connectors for wire feeds

  • Single editor for all content

  • Mobile & Digital presentation

  • Home Page Management

  • Paywall ready

  • Plugin technology

  • Development friendly

  • Rich content packages

  • Full support for embeds/inline content

  • Newspapers & Magazines

  • Edition planning

  • Efficient pagination tools

  • Templated workflows

  • Browser-based write-to-fit

  • Browser-based pagination of content

  • Fully integrated with ad planning tools

Case Study:

La Stampa: digital first in the lockdown era

La Stampa and JPI Media approach the ‘digital-first’ challenge from different perspectives, using the Atex editorial solution.

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