Atex Digital Media

Easy to use content management that makes your business fly

Atex Digital Media is a flexible content management platform. It is open, modular and scalable. The different Atex Digital Media components can be combined as a single solution to gather content, manage assets and coordinate content production and publishing workflows. On any channel.

Atex Digital Media is easy to use and cloud enabled, ready to bring your business to new heights.

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Atex Advertising

Atex Advertising is a fully integrated solution with the tools to help manage every facet of your premium advertising business, from lead generation to revenue collection.

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What's new

Atex Digital Media 2.0 is ready

Easier, faster. Simplicity has been the key driver for this release, making Digital Media 2.0 easier to use and faster to setup.

06:51AM 27 July 2018

Atex and GDPR

GDPR is now effective, what it is and how to be compliant when using Atex Software.

06:51AM 27 July 2018

Atex Digital Media: committed to quality journalism

With the latest release of Atex Digital Media, Atex is set out to support the production of quality and relevant news by introducing new features that foster collaboration among journalists and on-the-field reporters: fast and efficient communication, easy creation of rich media stories and lots of additional improvements.

06:51AM 27 July 2018

Atex Digital Media drives Go Verlag content production

Atex today announced that Go Verlag, located in Kirchheim unter Teck in the Stuttgart region, selected the Atex Digital Media platform to be at the heart of their multi-channel newsrooms.

06:51AM 27 July 2018

2018 Events Calendar

Atex is proud to support media associations around the world, meet us at one of these events.

02:44PM 01 February 2018

Verlag Nürnberger Presse new digital content infrastructure

Verlag Nürnberger Presse future proofs their content management infrastructure by implementing Atex Digital Media.

06:51AM 27 July 2018

World Publishing Expo & Digital Content Expo

World Publishing Expo is the biggest event for the global publishing community, featuring an extensive roster of conferences and an exhibition area with all the major suppliers for the industry.

12:00PM 14 September 2017

Vela Software acquires Atex

Atex is pleased to announce Vela Software (Vela) as the new owner of Atex. Vela is a subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc. (CSI), a Canadian company Toronto Stock Exchange holding a portfolio of different software companies throughout the world.

01:33PM 06 September 2017

Our Customers

Popular and authoritative newspapers and news web sites, magazine, broadcasters, betting companies and directories use our platform every day. They organize content research and production, manage content delivery and audience interaction over digital channels, be it mobile or traditional desktop web sites coupled with a long standing tradition of high demanding newspapers and magazines print production features.


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