Every journalist understands that crafting an article goes beyond intuition and excellent writing skills. The newsroom landscape has transformed dramatically in recent years, with digital newsrooms merging with their print counterparts. Online journalism adheres to distinct rules, notably, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which not only elevates the visibility of an article but also significantly impacts a newspaper’s revenue. Today, the buzz in journalism circles revolves around Artificial Intelligence, primarily due to the surge in Generative AI. This revolutionary technology generates content – whether it’s text, images, or videos – by utilising input and prompt engineering techniques. It’s an exciting era for journalism, with AI at its forefront, reshaping the way we create and consume news content.

Meet MyType Assistant: Atex’s Breakthrough AI Tool for Journalists

Atex is proudly Introducing MyType Assistant, a powerful tool that leverages artificial intelligence to streamline daily newsroom tasks while helping you boost the online presence of your article. Currently, it seamlessly integrates with Desk, our web-based solution designed for efficiently managing digital and print publications. MyType Assistant comprises two user-friendly sections: SEO and Writer.

MyType Assistant

The SEO section is your smart ally for optimising articles, and guiding journalists through various aspects to enhance content quality. It covers crucial elements such as SEO Focus Words to assist in article indexing, alt text for images, and the inclusion of links. Crafting an SEO-optimised article often involves the challenge of finding the perfect combination of words for the Title and Description. That’s where our AI Assistant steps in and lends a helping hand with a convenient ‘magic button’ that suggests titles and descriptions. Remember, both sections remain open for editing and refinement by the editor, ensuring that the final content aligns with your editorial vision.

Unlocking Efficiency: Exploring MyType Assistant’s Writer Section

Now, let’s dive into the Writer section, designed to be your time-saving companion in the bustling life of a journalist. Here, you’ll discover three handy modes:

  • Summary: This mode allows you to condense various types of text, whether it’s a lengthy press release, an agency announcement, or even a section of your own article.
  • Paraphrasing: Perfect for those moments when you need to rephrase content, whether it’s a press release, parts of your own article, or even older archive pieces.
  • Headlines Suggester: Similar to the SEO Title feature, this mode suggests catchy titles for your web articles, making your headlines stand out.

What’s great is that all three modes are fully customisable. You have the flexibility to edit and refine the results to align with your editorial style and preferences.

MyType Assistant made its debut at the Senior Leadership Conference 2023 in Chicago, hosted by America’s Newspapers. We are all pumped up to share more successful collaborations like Atex and the Newsday, our valued partners in the launch of MyType Assistant. Don’t miss out on the latest developments in journalism and AI. Join us by signing up for news and updates and become a part of the journey in shaping the future of journalism. Stay informed and stay inspired with us!

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