A system for managing printed and digital products in newspapers and magazines

Kayak is a comprehensive system for managing subscriptions and distribution. It is a tool for managing customer service, invoicing, accounts receivable, marketing and sales related to printed and digital products and services.

The mailing and distribution, including interfaces, of printed products, also ensure a well-functioning logistics chain. In terms of digital products, solutions related to managing read permissions, including interfaces, provide the opportunity to take advantage of Kayak’s centralised customer database in targeting and ordering various content.

User-friendliness as the starting point for design

The Kayak interface has been designed with user interface design (UX) specialists for customer service needs. The customer service module’s views and workflows have been tested to ensure that all necessary information is readily available. Making changes to subscriptions is as easy and quick as possible.

Modern, efficient and made to order

Thanks to its modular structure, Kayak can be tailored to meet your company’s needs. Interfaces and integrations with your company’s other IT systems are easy via the open and flexible interface architecture. Kayak’s SOAP/Web Service interface makes real-time integration between systems easy.

Publishers can outsource to Atex all of their customer services, invoicing operations, payment transactions, and the sending of material to be mailed to printing houses. Atex also implements customer self-service sites that can be separately customised for each title. Publishers can focus on their core business and monitor the development of their subscription base through our BI and reporting system.

The Kayak customer management system is also available as a Private Cloud Service.

Kayak Plus extensions

The Kayak Plus service package seamlessly complements the Kayak system and includes additional services for your customer management needs. Some of the services are provided in cooperation with selected partners.

Kayak Customer Service
  • Customer service outsourcing, measuring and developing

Kayak Cash Flow
  • Invoicing, payment transaction and collection services

Kayak eServices | Self-service sites
  • Self-service sites for customers to make orders, change personal information and e.g. make address changes

Kayak SSO | Access management for digital content
  • Our Single-sign-on module offers a web-based interface for managing access rights to digital subscriptions and content

Kayak Hosting
  • A safe colocation service close to your business

Kayak Campaign Tool | Browser based tool for creating campaigns
  • Fast and easy to use tool to create web campaigns. All the basic information of the campaigns are brought from Kayak and then completed with pictures and marketing texts. The tool has an admin interface for creating and publishing the campaigns and planning the end user view. The management of subscriber gifts is also included

Kayak Plus BI / PoweBI
  • We offer out of the box business intelligence solutions for core needs in subscription management, finance and circulation, with possibilities to customise on your special needs. Solution implemented on PowerBi technology

Kayak Plus Mobile (Arena Interactive Oy)
  • Mobile Marketing/Mobile solutions for the media industry

Kayak Cloud Service

Kayak Subscription System as a Private Cloud Service

The Kayak Cloud Service in its simplest form is the Kayak system on the internet, but it can be scaled as needed into a complete service, including all functions related to customer service – right up to payment transaction monitoring. Our Private Cloud Service is suitable for all sizes of publishers and for use by associations as a means of managing member data and selling merchandise.

  • Easy to use

  • Secure

  • Comprehensive reporting

  • Cost-effective

Easy to use
  • Can be used anywhere, anytime – all you need is a browser and internet connection

  • Works in Windows/Mac/Linux environments and tablets

  • Users’ connection to the software is encrypted and protected by a firewall

  • Servers and software are situated in Finland, in a secured co-location facility

  • Data security is always up to date

Comprehensive reporting

The Kayak Cloud Service includes comprehensive reports on circulation, subscriber and payment data

  • The service includes maintenance and support services

  • Only user-specific monthly rental

  • Does not require license or equipment purchases

Kayak Cloud Service is tailored to meet your company’s needs. All Kayak Plus extensions can be easily added to the service.

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