SIE Editorial Group chooses Atex Desk to manage their multi-channel production for L’Adige. This move takes advantage of the synergy with the other newspapers of the SETA group (Trentino and Alto Adige), optimizing and evolving the production system.


SIE SpA is the publisher of the L’Adige, Alto Adige and Trentino, a leader of daily information in Italian in Trentino and Alto Adige. The group has a combined spread of 40,000 print copies and 2 million unique web visitors per month.

SIE, after merging with SETA, started a process that would create immediate synergy between all the titles within the group. This would optimize workflows and resources, to better enhance the assets of the group. The Atex solution provides the group with a unique system, ready for a quick roll-out and operationally ready within a short span of time. It is specifically designed to fulfill the future needs of the Adige and SIE group.

The scope of the project also includes L’Adige’s website redesign. At, you will see a new graphic layout designed by an internal work group that includes Adige’s web editorial office and IT groups. The growing public demand for video and audio content prompted SETA to invest in a much richer site with video contributions (on-demand and live streaming) integrated with other media in the group. It also started a collaboration with Radio Dolomiti which produces radio content for L’Adige.


The group chose the Atex Desk system for its unique features:

  • A multi-channel system, which enables editors and journalists to work transparently on web and print. The system also allows for easy adoption of converged editorial organizations.SIE chooses Atex Desk
  • A multi-title system that gives the group flexibility to implement new convergence strategies for the management of different media on different titles.
  • The Atex system is housed in a private cloud that guarantees safety, efficiency and allows for the rapid implementation of new editorial projects thanks to the 24/7 support from Atex Managed Services. This all allows the customer to focus on their core business.
  • The project in SaaS mode allows planning of management costs of the entire platform, simplifying investment over the years.
  • Management of video and podcast content is integrated into the multi-channel production workflow thanks to a partnership with MainStreaming.

The new system ensures collaboration between the various editorial sources while maintaining the possibility of having different workflows based on editorial needs. This allows the group to experiment with innovative print products that can exploit the concept of fluid models of the Desk system. Fluid models give the ability to intuitively manage page design, starting from a baseline that can be adapted according to the available content.

ATEX provides a complete training path for all company roles, from typography to web publishing. In this crucial time, to limit contact and risk of contagion, Atex proposed an innovative online training method. This has made it possible to complete training in a short period of time and with often better results than in in-presence classes. The use of virtual classroom tools allowed trainers to control the screens of all participants in real time, helping them to promptly resolve any training issues that arose.

The new L’Adige editorial system and website went live in March, to resounding results.

Every day, the editorial staff create 60 digital original stories with images and multimedia, giving greater visual relevance to the news and providing a greater depth of coverage that goes beyond the physical limits of print and extends the visibility of the SIE brand.

Page views in the period from 1 to 14 April 2021, compared to the same period in the previous year, increased from 4.68 million to 6.20 million, an increase of 30%.