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Bold statement, isn’t it? High sounding and, we admit it, we’re not running all of it! But many of the known and traffic heavy web sites of this world are run by Atex products

Popular and authoritative news web sites, broadcasters, betting companies and directories use our platform every day. They organize content research and production, manage content delivery and audience interaction over digital channels, be it mobile or traditional desktop web sites coupled with a long standing tradition of high demanding newspapers and magazines print production features.

We selected Atex for its ability to deliver a platform-agnostic solution that enables users to access data effortlessly. That flexibility allows us to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs without affecting the quality of the content and products we produce.

— Bill Holiber Daily News President and CEO


Atex Digital Media

Atex Digital Media is a modular and scalable content management platform. Combine Atex Digital Media options to build a single solution to gather content, manage assets and coordinate content production workflows.

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Atex Advertising

Atex Advertising is a fully integrated solution with the tools to help manage every facet of your premium advertising business, from lead generation to revenue collection.

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News & Events Stay up to date with us!

Atex at World Publishing Expo 2016 10 September, 2016

World Publishing Expo 2016
Vienna, Austria - 10 October to 12 October 2016

Atex Digital Media 2.0 will be presented to worldwide publishers at "the event" of the newspaper industry: easier to use, easier to integrate and more options for gaining new efficiencies on print and digital channels.

Atex appoints Jesper Frank as International Sales Director 1 July, 2016

Atex is pleased to announce the appointment of Jesper Frank as its new International Sales Director for the European and Middle East markets. Jesper brings more than 20 years of experience of product management and sales in the media and publishing industry.

2016 Events Calendar 2 May, 2016

From Europe to Asia there are a lot of opportunities for a meeting.
May 2nd update: We will be at Digiday Publishing Summit in Key Biscane, Fl, this September.

Newsday "Atex Digital Media" project is live! 26 April, 2016

We are happy when our customers are! Newsday in Long Island went live with the Digital Media Content Management suite by upgrading their print and web components and have entered the second phase of the project, expanding usage of Digital Media Desk to handle video workflows and adopting the Atex Contributor Tool for journalists on the field.

The magnitude of the changes and the effects on the overall business also deserved an announcement on the print run!