Over the last fifty years, forward-thinking newsrooms have made the transition to digital, ushering in an era of unprecedented innovation in journalism.

Today, Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the boundaries of what is achievable, changing how we work and enabling us to achieve what seemed unattainable just a few months ago. Aiming to assist editorial teams in expanding their horizons and ambitions, Atex is excited to unveil its latest innovation: the Atex AI Platform. Designed to the needs of journalists and newsrooms in mind, the platform will simplify journalists’ tasks by leveraging the power of AI-driven technologies to enhance their work.

“Lately, there have been major shifts in the industry,” explains Michele Alessandrini, an expert in AI applied to journalism and Group CTO of Atex, “with prestigious publishers experimenting with the use of AI for editorial tasks. The Atex AI Platform provides customers with the tools and support they need to confidently transition, from testing phases to full production. Atex introduces a blend of advanced technology and expert know-how to the news and publishing industry, ensuring that Artificial Intelligence is seamlessly integrated in support of journalistic integrity and responsibility”.

Atex AI Platform: Solutions for Publishing

  • Smart News
    AI is rewriting the rules of the game in the world of news: from gathering to producing news, from distribution to monetization, the entire journalism supply chain is undergoing a new revolution. The goal of the Atex AI Platform is to guide newsrooms and journalists by offering AI-based IT solutions that simplify workflows, improve content accuracy, and personalize the reader experience.
  • Tailored and co-designed AI
    The solutions of the Atex AI Platform cater to the individual and specific needs of each newsroom, offering the possibility to extend native functions with the integration of external use cases. Some examples? Smart Tagging functions to make categorization more accurate and immediate, even for less structured texts. Or the Smart Archive for more efficient searching and the Fact-Checking function to verify the truthfulness of news as it is written.
    To achieve the best possible solution for the specific newsroom, the Atex AI Platform proposes and recommends the opportunity to co-design directly with the newsroom the most useful use cases, joining the forces of the Atex team and the newsroom.
    This is an extremely recommended solution: the AI Platform, in fact, is not a separate new tool added to the software already owned by a newsroom, but rather a tool that integrates new use cases directly within the newsroom’s products, for example through APIs.
  • AI Team: Dedicated Experts
    The Atex AI Platform is a genuine innovation lab entirely dedicated to applying AI’s potential to the specific needs of newsrooms. It relies on the knowledge and experience of a team of experts who oversee every activity: software engineering, prompt engineering, fine-tuning, model testing, integration with different LMMs depending on the use case, transparent integration with third parties, privacy and security guarantees, quality control of outputs, and constant monitoring of AI use.
  • Shared Intelligence
    The strength of the Atex AI Platform lies in unity. The platform collaborates with numerous partners to best meet individual operational needs and, more importantly, to activate new valuable synergies in the sector. For this reason, we initiate commercial agreements also based on co-marketing activities, on projects that may involve webinars, case studies, editorials, events, and co-speech. Among our partners: AWS, Anthropic, Babelscape, DeepL, Factiverse, OpenAI, and ReadSpeaker.


For more information on AI in the service of journalism:

Website: ai.atex.com
Contact Atex AI Platform: ai.atex.com/contact

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